Color Space

To the right of the reception desk, out of sight, is the colouring area. This wellness and relaxation area has subdued lighting to create a peaceful, serene atmosphere.


Our colourists seek to find the perfect balance of pigments, light and contrast. Their job is to find the most natural colour possible to enhance your hair. Their approach is professional and personalised to the nature of your hair, your needs and your desires.


The colouring products are from Kemon and Kevin Murphy. They do not contain ammonia and maintain the health of your hair and scalp.


We believe that hairdressing is an art, the art of manipulating hair, its movement, its shape and its cut in a quick, precise gesture. It’s a skill practised with passion and a clear objective: to enhance your natural beauty and highlight your distinctive features.


Our hairdressers adapt to your wishes, understanding your expectations and the specific characteristics of your hair. Your hairstyle should above all reflect your personality.


To guarantee a high level of expertise, our team regularly attend training courses given by Tanguy himself, who has been an educator for Kemon Benelux since 2017. Thanks to this regular education, our hairdressers are always up to date with the latest hairdressing techniques and trends.


In the beginning, our hairdressing salon was created exclusively for men. Hairdressing and barbering services were offered to these gentlemen. Although we have expanded our customer base, we have maintained this tradition by creating a barber corner.


We offer a range of services for all men, whatever their style. They can enjoy a personalised haircut with scissors and/or clippers. Our expert barbers will also be happy to give you a beard trim if you need one.




€40 – €43 – €47 ( 30′ > 60′)
Cut + Brushing
€80 – €85- €90 ( 60′ > 90′)
Cut -10 years
€30 – €35 – €40 (30’)

Extras :

Deep care
+ €20 (15’)
Updo basic
€50 (30’)
Updo Advanced
€65 (60′)

Colour or colouring shampoo

Roots 50cc
€65 (90’)
Roots + length 75cc
€80 (60’)

Extras :

Highlight 1/2 head in the colour 30cc
+ €20 (30’)
Highlight full head in the colour 30cc
+ €35 (30’)
+ €30 (30’)

Highlight (balayages)

1/2 head 30′.
€80 (90’)
Full head 1h.
€100 (120’)
Full head + 1h30
€140 (180’)

Extras :

Second colour 30cc
+ €35
Glazing 30cc
+ €30 (30’)
Light fast 15min.


€40 (30’)
Wellness cut
€45 (30’)
Cut -10 ans
€30 (30’)
Color Camo
€45 (+30’)
Beard trimming
€25 (30’)

Permanent curling

1 product
Additional 2nd product


1/2 head
Full head

Hair extensions

Tape extensions
On demand

All prices are 21€ tax included.

Students -10% on all hair treatments (from 10 to 21)